Many youngsters dream to associate themselves with travel and tourism. Unlike other conventional areas of works, tourism sector is a wide area where brilliant thoughts and freshness of vocation is the spot light. Royal Sun Tours strongly upholds these virtues and welcomes those who would like to share the same experience with the company and take our business to new heights.

Our doors are always open for young talents with the passion to explore the travel industry whilst the entry of experienced professionals is never a hard task.


There are several reasons why people choose to work with Royal Sun Tours, not just work, rather decide to stay and build a career with us. Our people policies covering areas such as Health & Safety, employee relations, fair treatment, learning and development, help create a professional working ambience. There is a strong focus on diversity in the workplace, by actively recruiting people from extensive range of experience levels and backgrounds. Royal Sun Tours is expanding day by day creating exciting opportunities for fresh talents and making it a fantastic place to engrave your future.

Applicants can send their resume at